Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wrap Up

Dear, dear, dear, dear friends. I'm writing to you about 2 months after my last post. Unfortunately, I have procrastinated too much to write a thorough write up of "differences between US and Sweden" or something of the like.

2 months later, I definitely miss Sweden. Some things I miss:
a)Living alone. I can strive or stoop to whatever level of cleanliness I desire, and I listen to no one but myself. It was definitely more lonely but a great experience.
b)Hearing Swedish. I really miss that goofy, rhythmic, incomprehensible language.
c)My Swedish and other friends. This is obviously a given.
f)Riding a bike everywhere. I always thought it was a pain to ride my bike in Uppsala, but in retrospect, it was much easier than driving. Riding in Boston would be treacherous though.

Of course, there are many things I miss, but I could go on forever. One thing that now stands out in my mind about Sweden, however, is that its residents are more independent than Americans, yet more considerate.

As for changes in myself, I think I've become more independent. Living abroad by myself forced me to take control of my situation, and I don't think I rely on others as much anymore. I'm also more conscious of hearing the Swedish language and noticing items of Swedish origin, such as Swedish tennis players. Any time I spot a -sson, I get excited. Soderling counts too I guess.

Anyway, I'll wrap this up. I hope everyone has enjoyed my blog.

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