Monday, January 5, 2009

The First One

I don't recall who inspired me to start a blog (maybe God), but I have done it. As indicated by the title, I don't even really know what it is supposed to be. But basically, I'm going to write about anything I think of, and since no one is going to read this (apart from maybe God) I can promise this will be terrible. The prose, the thoughts, and even the font will be terrible and probably inspire you to throw something at the screen. That's right, inspire you.

What can you expect from the blogs? Well, I like Arsenal Football Club (from North London) quite a bit, so I'll talk about them. I also go to Boston College, so I'll talk about them. I'm also a fan of the Tennessee Titans. I like music a lot, so I'll talk about that. And I'm going to be out of the United States for five months, so I'll talk about that too. Basically, anything no one cares about (and by inference, that I DO care about) will be covered in this blog (apart from the Titans).

So the next time I get angry (which my friends would tell you, will probably be in the next 45 seconds) I'll write because anger inspires a lot more than happiness. There will be the occasional happy or thrilled blog too, but don't expect them too often.

Boston College 85, @ #1 North Carolina 78
And quite shockingly, the first blog happens to be about something happy. During the game, I thought about why I screamed at the television and threw my hat down even though no one could hear me (at least no one outside of my house, let alone at the game itself). I couldn't think of why, but it felt good that this game was even something to yell about. After all, I read that BC was predicted to finish 11th out of 12 teams in the ACC, so even getting close to UNC was good. Then we won, and it was awesome. Tyrese Rice, Rakim Sanders, and Reggie Jackson were all awesome and Josh Southern (and Courtney Dunn?) played excellent defense on Tyler "I flooded the Dean Smith center with my tears" Hansbrough, even managing to not foul out until the last two minutes. This more than makes up for that sh•t bowl loss to Gaylord Hotels Vanderbilt (I think they're called).

And it's also nice to know that there is some stability with the BC football team. If Jeff Jagodzinski leaves, it indicates both 1) that he is scared about the dreaded 3rd and 4th years when his own recruits must do the talking and 2) that he is akin to a builder who begins to build a house, but gets called into build a mansion, thus deciding to up and leave (which for the owner of the former is nothing but displeasing). Nonetheless, Jags has bolstered the reputation of our small Catholic school, and I guess he has performed well enough to earn an NFL job. As for AD Gene DeFelippo, I already have some qualms with him, so he becomes the bad guy. Why on earth did he go public (or tell someone who could easily make it public) that Jags would be fired if he interviewed. Son of a b•tch.

Until the next bad thing that happens,

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