Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Hamburger Woe

Some lessons are learned the hard way, I guess, such as eating too much candy when you are young or drinking too much alcohol for the first time or paying for – ah, maybe I'd better stop. One lesson I learned last night was that I should not ever rely on a pub for dinner. I ordered a hamburger at a pub and had to wait more than an hour to receive it. As some of you may know, drinking also happens at pubs, and therefore, instead of filling up on a delicious carbohydrate/protein-filled meal, I filled up on beer. Not my favorite dinner.

I have sort of failed to mention up until this point the system of nations here at Uppsala. The university has thirteen student nations, each whose name is based upon a region here in Sweden. Every registered student is required to join a nation. Each nation has its own pub, and most nations have a "club" night, which is just what it sounds – music and dancing. Besides the fun and drinking part, each nation has a library (oddly, meant for studying) and a support organization. Basically, it is a fraternity/sorority system, except they are not sorted by gender and they are far better.

I have joined the Värmlands nation, which has been in existence since 1660. They have "Club 054" on Friday evenings and have a pub open Tuesday-Thursday. In addition, they have a library with wireless internet and a sports club, where I will hopefully begin to play soccer (football).

I have been reading the blog of the legendary Matthew Reardon, a fellow Boston College student, who is residing currently in København, Denmark. Apparently, he has figured out a way to put pictures into his blog, so I will try and get that sorted out for this one too. I know that reading is a bit of an ancient art, so I will try to make this more friendly on the eyes.

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